About us

New Westminster is an intimate, community driven city located in the heart of the Metro Vancouver area. Originating as the oldest city in Western Canada, the city has evolved into an eclectic and vibrant destination that offers unexpected visitor experiences, a short hop from downtown Vancouver. 

The goal of New Westminster Greeters is to offer an authentic and original way of experiencing the Royal City. We are able to accomplish this by arranging tailor-made Greets for individuals and groups. 

During your experience, our volunteer greeters will be available to share with you some of the hidden gems of our community, the things you are not likely to find in your typical travel guide. 

New Westminster is home to a large collection of award winning bars and restaurants,  while also hosting a slew of cultural events. The city is also home to world class shopping, as well as an interesting collection of unique heritage sites.

Throughout the year, but especially in the summer months, the city serves as the festival centre of Metro Vancouver, hosting many large events from the Columbia strEAT Food Truck Festival to the ever popular Fridays on Front

The city is also conveniently located, stretching along five SkyTrain stations, making it easily accessible from the core of downtown Vancouver. 

Although New Westminster is filled with fun opportunities that you are sure to enjoy, what really makes the city special are the community-minded residents who call this place home. The New West Greeters offers you a unique opportunity to see this community not through the glossy covered lens of a brochure, but through the eyes of passionate locals who are more than happy to talk with you and share with you what is unique and special about the city they dearly love. 

The New Westminster Greeters are part of the Global Greeter Network, an informal, worldwide organization of local greeter groups. All Greeters around the world follow a strict non-tipping policy. However, If you feel inclined to support the program, feel free to donate to the organization to help support our back office costs.

(Photo Courtesy of Amber Belzar)