What to expect?

We are more than happy to welcome you to our beautiful city of New Westminster! We guarantee that we will be able to offer you a unique way of experiencing this place, one that you are sure to remember for many years to come.

It is difficult to tell you exactly what to expect because every greet is unique and tailored around your interests.

For visitors who are interested in seeing the main highlights or our city, one of our greeters will be able to spend a couple of hours touring you around these crowd pleasing offerings. However, if you are looking for the small hidden gems scattered around, your greeter will have the local knowledge to be able to show you these too! You will be able to ask your greeter about the best places to eat, shop, take photos, or virtually anything else that you may be looking to do. Your greeter could take you to one of New West’s many festivals or events, or they could just discuss with you current trends or developments energizing the city. 

It is not often that you get the opportunity to find somebody who is willing to give you their time, experience, and energy to try to make your visit to their city as memorable as possible. This unusual experience is what we promise to offer!

Feel free and sign up to meet with one of our New Westminster Greeters!